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  Large Old BUMP road warning sign in orange and black Composition - Metal Condition..
Ex Tax: $95.00
Bold red white traffic yield sign wall art
  Yield the right of way road sign in a large red and white triangle Composition - Alu..
Ex Tax: $85.00
Hump back steel trunk
  Railroad engineer's tool box with round top.   Steam locomotive engineers used t..
Ex Tax: $220.00
  Old railroad cart makes a great coffee table.  Cart is presently in rough condition.&..
Ex Tax: $700.00
Industrial antique log and railroad living tongs
  Vintage tongs for lifting one end of a railroad tie or log.  Decorate a wall or a gar..
Ex Tax: $165.00
  Large, yellow and black NO OUTLET diamond shaped street sign.  Fun wall display graph..
Ex Tax: $95.00
Large Road Warning Sign 24 Inches Soft Shoulder
  Large Old SOFT SHOULDER road warning sign in yellow and black Composition - Aluminum..
Ex Tax: $95.00
Colorful wall art vintage stop sign
  Large old stop ahead road sign to display on the wall. Composition - Vinyl covered a..
Ex Tax: $90.00
Wall Art Two side Traffic Sign Colorful and Shabby
  Old double-side road sign reads "SLOW" on one side in orange, blue and black, and on the o..
Ex Tax: $105.00
Signage Wall Art Left on Arrow Only Vintage Traffic Sign
  Large reflective black and white street sign for a W. Lake Street, city unknown.  The..
Ex Tax: $90.00
Vintage Wall Art Traffic Sign STOP
  Old octagon-shaped road stop sign in traditional red and white. Composition - Silk s..
Ex Tax: $95.00
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