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Antique industrial mining light

Refrigerator Magnets



Rene Descartes





Might seem like antiques and fridge magnets are an odd combination, but that's the way we've done it since 2007.  We are Mark and Judy Cooke of Elkhart, Indiana, a mid-sixties married couple.  The name on this webpage, ergoiamtoo, was created on a whim when we started selling online in 1997 and has stuck.  ("I think, therefore I am"  in Latin is "Cogito ergo sum," a famous conclusion from French mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes.)

Below are just a few items you'll find when you choose which product line to browse.  Live dangerously and look at both.

If you would like to find your way back here, look for Dorothy's
shoes at industrialchic.net and magnetfun.net. 
(No shoes for René.) 

Dorothys shoes



Industrial perforated sconce wall lamps

Pair  industrial look sconce lights

Industrial look metal utility cabinet

Metal utility cabinet with shelves


Multi arm industrial metal desk lamp knuckle joints

Desk lamp vintage Fostoria type industrial Very Adjustable


Browse cat fridge magnets

Interested in Chicago's 1903 Iroquois Theatre fire?  Check out the discussion on Facebook with new information about victims and their families.

Antique pillar pier cap of metal

Industrial antiques for the garden

Browse woodland and prairie fridge magnets


Vintage metal bar stool 30 inches high Industrial antique drafting stool

Green Porcelain Hanging Ceiling Factory Lamp

Green porcelain ceiling industrial antique lamp

Famous product designers from history



















Industrial Antique Mining Lamp

Ergoiamtoo Industrial Antiques on Sale



Industrial antiques sale items

Archie Steel Arch Leg Sofa Side Table, Display Table

Browse bird fridge magnets

Yellow Black Walking Man Traffic Warning Sign Wall Art

Wall art walking man road sign large yellow and black graphics

Steel industrial desk work station side table custom made

Industrial steel desk side table Metropolis style

Browse dog fridge magnets




Industrial antique furniture and accessories because rust rocks

Vintage industrial lamps and lighting so you don't lose your way

as a reminder to smile often

Industrial antiques from Ergoiamtoo + your imagination = interior decorating of a different kind

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