7Up Soda Pop Advertising Wall Clock 37 inch Giant Vintage Electric

Giant 1970s 7up soda pop electric advertising wall clock
Large white red black 7up electric wall clock Left side Close up on 7up logo Back side 7up clock Hanging wire Clockworks Left side
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Large electric wall clock promoting 7up soft drink.  We acquired the face and hands from the estate of a one-time 7up distributor and added the wood frame.  Hangs via a horizontal wire on back.  The face does not light up.

This logo was used from 1943 to 1972. 7Up is a non-caffeinated soft drink, making it popular with insomniacs.  It is part of the PepsiCo stable, along side Pepsie, Dr. Pepper and Snapple.

The lemon-lime beverage was created by Charles Grigg's Howdy Corporation in 1929.  Until the 1950s it included lithium citrate, a holdover from the patent medicine days.

In 1969 the brand was purchased by Westinghouse who sold it to Phillip Morris who sold it to an investment company and it was merchged with Dr. Pepper in 1988.  Cadbury Schweppes acquired the brand in 1995 and spun it off as a separate group in 2008.

  • Composition - Printed Plexiglass plastic face with black painted wood frame
  • Condition - Looks and runs like new.
  • Age - 1970s estimated.  This logo was discontinued around 1972.
  • Size - 37" x 37" x 5" x 35 lbs
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