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Vintage lightbulb collection
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We found this curiosity at a consignment auction where we failed to learn anything about its former owner.  It appears to have been a prized light bulb collection but could as easily have been a 4H fair science project.

We don't want to risk frying the filaments so have not tested the bulbs.  Since at least 5 show obvious damage (in the form of darkening, a loose bottom socket or a broken filament), we offer the grouping as a non working but interesting shelf display item.
In the lineup, in no particular order: 500 watt 125 v Duro-Test 130V 3000 user hrs, three big ones with no markings whatever, skinny noodle bulb with no markings and the base is loose so it definitely does not work, 40 watt GE, one of similar size without markings, 40 watt home oven GE, 75 watt hobby lobby, 60 watt Phillips and what appears the oldest, a 25-watt Edison Mazda with a point on top and a torn paper label.  Inside the Mazda the glass filament is broken and the top half has become wedged between the bottom half and the side of the bulb.

Composition - Stained wood, 10 Bakelite sockets, 1 porcelain outlet, 11 glass bulbs of various ages
Age - Unknown
Size - 39" long x 16" high x 5" deep x 16 lbs
Shipping - Will shipped in two boxes, one containing the board and another containing the bulbs.

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