35 mph Speed Limit Road Traffic Sign 30 Inch Black White

End speeding in your living room by posting proper signage
Vintage Speed Limit Sign 35 mph Sign 35 mph Road Sign Closeup showing scratch on speed limit sign Street Sign Hangs with Ordinary Picture Hook
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In the The first speed limit on record was set at 10 mph in 1865 in the United Kingdom. This 35 miles per hour sign came along over a century later, which means it's much easier to hang than the wood varieties that existed long ago.  The black on white color scheme for regulatory signs is the norm in North America, Australia and New Zealand.  Brown bears and giraffs can travel up to 35 mph, as can sneezes.  For a giraffe a long run at that pace can cause a heart attack and giraffes are cool so don't chase themIn the words of Chen Stormstout, "Slow down."

  • Composition - Aluminum covered with printed vinyl.
  • Condition - Low mileage insofar as wear, just a few scrapes and scratches (see close up pics), no bends or holes.
  • Age - Last 20 years
  • Size - 30" high x 24" wide x 10 lbs
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