Antique Copper Verdigris Roof Plumbing Leader Head Industrial Lamp

Victorian waterspout converted to dramatic accent lamp
Interesting looking too when not lit Three quarter front view Side view copper waterspout lamp Back side of accent lamp showing new wiring Dramatic high lights and shadows
Brand: Ashcroft
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Architectural component from a roof gutter system has been upended and converted into a one-of-a-kind accent lamp.  In the world of roof plumbing, this is known as a leader head, conductor head or rainhead.  It captures rain water and an attached water spout carries it down to the ground and away from the structure foundation.  Leader heads of this size were used on large homes and commercial structures.  They are still manufactured for decorative applications.

  • Composition - copper with natural verdigris
  • Condition - new wiring, socket and inline switch
  • Age - early 1900s estimated (earlier ones were made of lead)
  • Size - 13" high x 14" wide x 8" deep x 8 lbs


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