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Industrial Cart available from Industrial Antiques

Whether you're looking for vintage collectibles in high contrast black and white, subtle greys or silver from dull to shiny, this is the place to look.


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  Metal heat therapy lamp designed to detach the lamp head and focus it on the face, shoulde..
Ex Tax: $142.00
  Renovated lamp with an ornamental oval shaped base.  Features an adjustable nec..
Ex Tax: $142.00
Large white metal industrial pendant lamp swagged
Ceiling lamp from an old store front, converted to a swag lamp.  Easy to install, e..
Ex Tax: $425.00
Ribbed clear Holophane glass glitters and casts big light
  Vintage Holophane pendant light Composition - Shade of clear, prisim-ribbed borosili..
Ex Tax: $120.00
Antique Explosion Proof Decorative Industrial Ceiling Lamp
Vapor-proof ceiling lamp converted to a swag lamp.  It is shown with a 75-watt bulb..
Ex Tax: $222.00
Large white metal industrial pendant lamp swagged
Item Porcelain ceiling lamp converted to a swag lamp.  Fixture was ma..
Ex Tax: $165.00
Globe light from an old schoolhouse, converted to a swag lamp.  You can install it ..
Ex Tax: $172.00
All steel coffee table for industrial decorating
  Square metal coffee table for industrially themed decors Composition - Steel Condi..
Ex Tax: $570.00
Large ornamental metal star
  This large star is made of bare steel, clear coated to resist rust. Ready to hang on the w..
Ex Tax: $195.00
Industrial wheel free standing shelf ornament
  Large cutting wheel from agricultural equipment, mounted to a base so it is free standing...
Ex Tax: $120.00
  Desk lamp from an old hotel. Composition - Steel and brass Condition - Has been po..
Ex Tax: $175.00
  Work light from an old factory lathe. Please note that metal lamp shades become very ho..
Ex Tax: $255.00
Multi arm industrial metal desk lamp knuckle joints
  Lamp for desk or table made from an old lathe work light attached to an antique machinery ..
Ex Tax: $255.00
Carbon arc stage light converted to floor lamp for use with standard light bulbs.  Telescopi..
Ex Tax: $235.00
Vintage floor lamp white and green very adjustable
  Patient examination lamp from old medical office. Composition - White painted steel ..
Ex Tax: $192.00
  Floor lamp with tripod castered base  and 3 knuckle type joints to provide optimum fl..
Ex Tax: $295.00
Vintage industrial photography floor lamp
  Floor lamp from old photo studio offers adjustable height and light direction Compos..
Ex Tax: $195.00
Permanently upright caster 85 lbs of steel
  This giant sized caster has been welded to a base so that it is fixed permanently in an up..
Ex Tax: $190.00
  Old gym baskets make versatile storage when you want to keep it handy but contain it, like..
Ex Tax: $39.00
Black swag lamp ceiling light
Mercury glass shade converted to a swag lamp.  Mercury glass is blown with a double..
Ex Tax: $188.00
Unique Vintage spotlight accent table lamp
  A vintage spotlight and a motor box are joined to produce a unique accent lamp.  Lamp..
Ex Tax: $175.00
Refurbished industrial antique table lamp
  Desk lamp from old bank building.  Uses a single flurescent bulb. Composition -..
Ex Tax: $165.00
Large Rotating Industrial Wheel
  Large old industrial valve handle, mounted to a base so it can be rotated.  Just beca..
Ex Tax: $225.00
  Large wheel, application unknown, likely agricultural.  Note that this 80-pound beast..
Ex Tax: $285.00
Vintage gear mounted for shelf display
Once upon a time an old ring gear and an industrial fan propeller gave birth to a young geegaw, a 15..
Ex Tax: $112.00
Steel industrial desk work station side table custom made
Heavy-duty steel work bench designed and produced exclusively by Industrial Chic that would have bee..
Ex Tax: $800.00
  Stack of six circular bands from an old foundry, interlocked and welded to form an 18" hig..
Ex Tax: $122.00
Industrial floor lamp with extra adjustability
  Custom designed industrial floor lamp with 3-way adjustable for height, extension and shad..
Ex Tax: $385.00
Large attention getting antique searchlight by GE
  Searchlight manufactured by General Electric.  Possibly used for marine applications,..
Ex Tax: $495.00
Round wall hanging 22 inch diameter
  Wall art made of a large disk cut to imitate a common pattern on old film reels Cinema ..
Ex Tax: $120.00
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