Antique Medical Floor Lamp Antique Medical Mir-A-Kal Ray

Vintage floor lamp interesting detail boatloads of function
Showing size relativity with nearby stool Brass colored interior and perforated metal shade J. H. Eastman manufacturing badge Close up on heavy silver metal base Vintage Mir-A-Kal floor lamp making shadows Height adjustable with telescoping pole New wiring and inline switch
Brand: J.H. Eastman Co
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This is a special package.  You get an exceptionally functional adjustable reading lamp with a unique profile and detailing, that is a fun conversation piece as well.

Offered is a refurbished model M.R. 260 Mir-A-Kal Ray health lamp manufactured in the mid 1940s by J.H. Eastman Co. of Detroit Michigan.  Various models of the company's health lamps were heavily promoted 1930-1945.  As the advertisement at right shows, the company hoodwinked a lot of people including Sears Roebuck, the Ohio Gas company, and a funeral home in Maryland who boasted that its installation of Mir-a-Kal Ray lamps was killing the facility's air born bacteria. 

In 1947 the FDA ruled that Eastman's claims were bogus.  What's surprising is that it took the FDA so long, given that the perpetrator had a flim-flam history going back thirty years.  The lamp maker was James H. Eastman, who in 1917 founded the Renulife Electric Co. that marketed ultraviolet light wands.  When inserted into the proper orifice,the oddly shaped glass tube lights were claimed to cure most everything.

When the violet wands failed to live up to their claims, the public stopped buying but Eastman had a backup plan and by the 1930s was pushing the Mir-A-Kal Ray lamps with equally outrageous curing claims: congestion, sinus infection, head colds, coughs, arthritis, neuritis, catarrh, backache, lumbago, bronchitis, sciatica, rheumatism, and aches and pains caused by congestion and resultant break-down in circulation; that it would be effective in the treatment of, and would bring relief in, sore throat, acne, menstrual pains, dental pain and pain generally. 

Mir-A-Kal Health Lamp advertisement

Renulife Ultra Violet Light Advertisement


Heavy cast iron base with art deco styling.  Tubular steel pole designed for height adjustment.  Steel shade with rectangular openings for exceptional eye appeal.  Gold plated interior reflector

Please remember that metal lamp shades become very hot thus are not suited for use by children too young to know better than to touch.


Newly wired with new socket, wiring and inline on/off switch.




As shown it is 51" high x 22" wide x 13" deep x 23 lbs.  The lamp height adjusts from 42" to 65". 
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