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Industrial Antique Floor Lamp Spotlight
  Antique spotlight from a parking lot wed to a wheeled iron base from a factory container. ..
Ex Tax: $475.00
Vapor proof industrial lamp by Appleton
  Vapor proof safety lamp manufactured by the Appleton Electric company.  Was designed ..
Ex Tax: $145.00
  This lamp can be purchased with the condition 1.) "as-is" 2.) "wired up" or 3.) "refurbish..
Ex Tax: $90.00
Vintage industrial thermometer wall art
  This vintage industrial thermometer adds steam punk style variety to a wall grouping. ..
Ex Tax: $95.00
Antique barn pulley hay handling tool for decorating
  Old pulley from a hay handling system in a barn, mounted to a stand for display on a shelf..
Ex Tax: $92.00
Vintage metal bar stool 30 inches high
Stool from an old factory. Note: as of this ..
Ex Tax: $140.00
Vintage metal bar stool 30 inches high
Stool from an old factory. Composition ..
Ex Tax: $160.00
Large white metal industrial pendant lamp swagged
Ceiling lamp from an old store front, converted to a swag lamp.  Easy to install, e..
Ex Tax: $425.00
Antique Explosion Proof Decorative Industrial Ceiling Lamp
Vapor-proof ceiling lamp converted to a swag lamp.  It is shown with a 75-watt bulb..
Ex Tax: $222.00
Large white metal industrial pendant lamp swagged
Item Porcelain ceiling lamp converted to a swag lamp.  Fixture was ma..
Ex Tax: $165.00
  Square metal coffee table for industrially themed decors Composition - Steel Condi..
Ex Tax: $570.00
  Work light from an old factory lathe. Please note that metal lamp shades become very ho..
Ex Tax: $255.00
Multi arm industrial metal desk lamp knuckle joints
  Lamp for desk or table made from an old lathe work light attached to an antique machinery ..
Ex Tax: $255.00
  Patient examination lamp from old medical office. Composition - White painted steel ..
Ex Tax: $192.00
Green pendant ceiling lamp vintage service station light
Large commercial lamp retrofitted as a ceiling swag lamp you can install yourself withou..
Ex Tax: $245.00
Green Porcelain Hanging Ceiling Factory Lamp
  Ceiling light from old factory. Composition - Green and white porcelain enameled met..
Ex Tax: $134.00
Unique Vintage spotlight accent table lamp
  A vintage spotlight and a motor box are joined to produce a unique accent lamp.  Lamp..
Ex Tax: $175.00
Refurbished industrial antique table lamp
  Desk lamp from old bank building.  Uses a single flurescent bulb. Composition -..
Ex Tax: $165.00
Giant Foundry Ladle Vintage Industrial Wall Art
  Large ladle from an old foundry for display in an industrial or primitive wall grouping ..
Ex Tax: $95.00
Vintage gear mounted for shelf display
Once upon a time an old ring gear and an industrial fan propeller gave birth to a young geegaw, a 15..
Ex Tax: $135.00
Heavy-duty steel work bench designed and produced exclusively by Industrial Chic that would have bee..
Ex Tax: $800.00
  Work station lamp from an old jewelry store.  This lamp is not brass plated; it is so..
Ex Tax: $95.00
  Custom designed industrial floor lamp with 3-way adjustable for height, extension and shad..
Ex Tax: $385.00
  One half of a large industrial machinery drive wheel, originally part of a system of belts..
Ex Tax: $210.00
  Coffee table constructed of industrial components Composition - Iron legs and ash ha..
Ex Tax: $495.00
  These gates make fun room dividers and are also used to hold tools and display collectible..
Ex Tax: $315.00
Unique swag ceiling lamp for corner
This airy looking swag lamp was made from a device designed to do the dirty job of cle..
Ex Tax: $170.00
Column style hanging swag lamp made of an old industrial filtration tube.  Casts dr..
Ex Tax: $188.00
  This cabinet's last life was in a kitchen.  Now it has a new face that will make it a..
Ex Tax: $395.00
Small industrial style occasional table
  Small table, nicely sized to hold a lamp, plant, cat, human, etc., sitting beside a sofa, ..
Ex Tax: $140.00
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