How to Hang a Swag Lamp



You'll find anchor hooks at
the hardware store for $2-3. There should be instructions on the back of the package.

Installation requires that you drill a hole in your ceiling that is big enough to accommodate the largest end of the toggle wings when they're folded down (see illustration below).  1/2" to 5/8" diameter.  The hole you make will probably look large and ugly.  Have no fear, unless you used a jack hammer to drill the hole, it will be covered up by the hook base plate.

 If you do not have an electric drill, you can use a nail and a hammer to make a series of small holes in close proximity to one another, poking and jabbing until you have a single large hole.  Do not poke your eye out.

Screw the bolt into the toggle wings and stuff the assembly into the hole you made in the ceiling -- fat end first.

Thread the hook onto the threaded stem a bit, and pull the hook downwards toward you, so the wings will start doing the splits (see illustration below).

Continue tightening until the hook is snug to the ceiling



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