Large Vintage Steel Round Top Railroad Engineer Toolbox

Hump back steel trunk
Large Vintage Steel Round Top Railroad Engineer Toolbox Vintage steel trunk opened Back side of steel railway trunk 2 Hooks on inside of lid Hinge on steel trunk Latch on vintage steel railway engineer trunk Hump back top vintage railroad box Closeup handle on steel trunk Compartments in Steel Trunk Crude welds Interior Vintage Steel Railway trunk
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Railroad engineer's tool box with round top.   Steam locomotive engineers used these to store their boots, lunch and tools.

  • Composition - Steel
  • Condition - As was true of many of these old boxes, it is crudely hand made.  We sandblasted and clear coated it to remove 75 years or so of rust that ate holes through the bottom at one end (see photo).  Those holes in no way reduce its strength but prevent if from holding liquids.
  • Age - 1890-1920
  • Size - 17" high x 28" long" x 12" deep x 36 lbs


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