About Us

We hope you are having fun browsing our vintage decorator items.  Finding unique treasures is a passion and offering them at affordable prices is an important part of our business model.


Ma & Pa
Ergoiamtoo, Inc. consists of Mark and Judy Cooke, a pair of mid-sixty year olds in our 49th year of marriage, who have been in business for nearly forty years, selling online since 1997. 

In antiques we specialize in the Industrial look.  In fact, we played a small role in developing it as a recognized category in decorating.  When we began selling Industrial in 2006, a Google search for "industrial antiques" brought up links to farm implement dealers.  Though industrial pieces had begun appearing in upscale decors, there was not then a commonly accepted term to describe the stuff.  It was an undefined category without a name.  We named it "Industrial Chic" and spent our first several years answering the question, "What is an industrial antique?"

Rust belt denizens
We are lifelong residents of Elkhart, Indiana, in the northwest corner of the state, just east of South Bend and Notre Dame, three to four hours from Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit and Grand Rapids.  The area is known as the rust belt.  Fortunately we've always liked rust, as well as industry, factories and machinery.

Open as needed
We do not maintain retail hours but are happy to open the door for appointments with antique collectors and decorators.  Give us a call at 574-875-6110 or email.  We are a very small organization but are proud to say that we've helped furnish numerous homes, restaurants, stores, offices and have even contributed to a few films.